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Protect Your Investment with the Best Real Estate and Property Management in the Hamptons

Investing in Hamptons property and real estate in the East End and surrounding areas can create unique concern if you're not a full-time resident of your Long Island home.  It's troublesome to be away from your estate and not be able to properly maintain and watch over your investments.  Finding a trusted property management company in the Hamptons will help you alleviate these worries by protecting your home and property from the threat of man and the elements—or whatever other situations might arise.

Hamptons Real Estate Management to Montauk Property Management RMR Has You Protected

Hamptons Renovations Maintenance & Repairs (RMR) specializes in a number of unique services meant to make your life more comfortable and worry-free.  Whether that means Montauk home renovations, new home builds in the East Hamptons or simply just keeping an eye on your investment, Hamptons RMR is the one company locals turn to because we are based here in the Hamptons—this is our home too!

This means we understand the special problems that arise living on the East End of Long Island and we're never more than just a few minutes away from your property.  We get your worries and know how to address them because we experience and deal with them ourselves in our personal homes and properties.  We take that first-hand knowledge and experience and bring it directly from our homes to yours, looking after and maintaining your home and property just as if it were our own.  That's the commitment you get from a local Hamptons real estate and property management firm like Hamptons RMR.
Comprehensive Property Management and Real Estate Maintenance Services

Our unique approach to home and property management services makes us fully capable of working with you to understand your unique needs and wants.  No matter what you're looking for in Hamptons home and property management, we have pre-set services that will either fit your needs or that we'll reshape and customize to satisfy yours.

Here are a few of our most popular property management services in Long Island:

Weekly or Monthly Home Inspections on the East End.  Our property management experts will walk the entire grounds of your property, inspecting inside and out, ensuring that everything is safe, secure and undamaged.  This service includes preventative routine maintenance and both internal and external housekeeping.  Regardless of whether or not we find any potential damage or problem areas, we'll give you a weekly or monthly report (as per your arrangement) in any format you desire (e.g. email, phone, etc.).      

Annual Property Inspections in the Hamptons.   From Montauk to Sag Harbor, we'll provide you with annual, comprehensive inspections of your home and surrounding property to ensure there are no existing problems or pending issues before they get out of hand. We'll also make sure you're up to date with property and zoning codes, helping you avoid penalties or fines.  We then email you a complete report on our findings.
Maintenance Coordination and Supervision .  When repairs or work does need to take place, we act as your friendly neighbor—a neighbor who knows the ins and outs of every repair, renovation and construction trade out there.  As licensed general contractors, we'll perform all work ourselves so that you don't have to worry about anyone else having access to your home.  Other property management companies in Long Island subcontract their work meaning you'll have strangers going in and out of your house while you're not there. At RMR, we understand your need for security, privacy and peace of mind.
Seasonal System Servicing.   It's vital that at the start of every heating and cooling season you have your pipes, HVAC, boiler, hot water heater, exterior plumbing, sprinkler system, swimming pools and general equipment inspected and serviced.  We perform these services whenever you'd like, or on a set bi-annual schedule.
Summer Commissioning and Winterization.   Prior to your arrival for the summer, we'll open up your home for you, turning on the water, uncovering and arranging furniture from storage status and completely get everything ready for your arrival.  We'll make sure that all of your cooling and water systems are running as intended, turning your winter house into a summer home that you and your family can be comfortable in.  After your departure, we'll make your home ready for winter again by opening all the faucets, turning off the water, draining the pipes, unplugging electronics and storing any furniture you want put away.  At any point during the winter, we can open the house back up for you so that all you have to do is arrive and enjoy your time in the comfort and safety you envisioned when you first saw your dream home.
Emergency Preparation and Response.   After Hurricane Sandy hit last year, you know as well as we do the peril that nature imposes on Montauk and the Hamptons in general.  That's why we are available 24-hours a day to prepare for and respond to any emergency, day or night.  From power failures to storms and fires to alarms, we'll notify you immediately and keep you apprised of everything we are doing to ensure your property remain undamaged and unharmed.

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